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ShakeMix is a funny game to play alone or in company.Make delicious, edible or non-edible cocktails :)The rules are very simple: All you need is to add two or three ingredients into shaker and shake your cellphone. Maybe you will get a great cocktail. More than 500 combinations, many true recipes. Hope you feel lucky and experience new interesting emotions.
Play ShakeMix, have fun, share it with your friends.
Comments:*** Interestinggame. I’vefoundoutmanyfunnymixturesIhadneverdaredtotrybefore. It’sreallycool. *** It’sfunny) Icouldneverbelievethatbeermixedwithcolaissuchacoolandpopularcocktail) Idiscovereditthankstothegame) Reallylikeit) *** Cool game) Interesting combinations and sounds. I have discovered so many cocktails recipes) Me and my guys tried it in real life) Everyone is safe and sound.Play Now! So how many cocktails do you know?